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Leveraging our compliance experts’ and SharePoint developers’ depth of knowledge to share industry-related news, quick tips and best practices in policy and procedure management, contract management and business processes.
SharePoint Document Migration

Here’s the Secret to Faster, Smoother SharePoint Document Migration

Whether you’re a policy manager, contract manager, SharePoint administrator or another key player in the project team, you know that deploying software and migrating documents to SharePoint will take coordination, planning and training. Continue reading >>

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Keep Truck Drivers Updated on Safety Policies

Keep Truck Drivers Up-to-Speed on Safety Policies

For trucking and logistics companies, safety and compliance go hand-in-hand. Not only are non-compliance penalties stiff for companies and drivers, but compliance with local, state and federal regulations are part of the foundation of transportation companies’ safety programs. The most

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How to Delegate Contract Work

Develop Contract Processes that Encourage Delegation

Remember, the name of the role is contract manager, not micro-manager — so what tasks in the contract process can you delegate, and how can an automated contract management system help you hand over those tasks without feeling like you’ve

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Why Out-of-the-Box SharePoint Isn't Good Enough

Why Out-of-the-Box SharePoint Alone Isn’t Good Enough

They’re sometimes some of the first questions potential customers ask us: What’s the difference between ConvergePoint’s compliance management software and out-of-the-box Microsoft SharePoint? Your software is built on SharePoint, so what does your software do and offer that the out-of-the-box

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Design a Better Contract Workflow

Design a Better System for Contractual Obligations and Renewals

A couple of weeks ago, we provided guidelines and questions to ask your legal team to help you evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the contract creation (contract requests, creation, review, approval and execution) side of your current processes. What

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5 Ways to Better Manage FCPA Risk

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is a federal anti-bribery statute that makes it “unlawful for certain classes of persons and entities to make payments to foreign government officials to assist in obtaining or retaining business,” according to the U.S.

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How to Evaluate Contract Management Systems

How to Evaluate Contract Management Systems from an IT Perspective

As an IT project manager or SharePoint administrator with your own job tasks and processes, it can be a challenge to evaluate software vendors based on the needs and from the standpoint of another department, especially without knowledge of their

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How to Evaluate Employee Training Software Vendors

5 Tips to Choosing Software that Employees Will Happily Train On

As your organization expands, so does the onboarding and employee training process. When the company outgrows its current method of managing training materials and records in Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel, three-ring binders, printed handouts and scanned PDFs, HR, safety, compliance

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How Effective is Your Policy Management System

Now’s the Time to Test Your Policy Management’s Effectiveness

How many of your employees leave scribbled passwords on post-it notes under their keyboards on their desks or taped to the bottom of a drawer? Or, they have confidential information on their laptops, which they take home to work on?

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Evaluate Efficiency of Contract Processes

Quick Tips to Evaluate Contract Processes: Requests, Creation, Review

Whether you’re looking to overhaul or refine current contract processes, start at the beginning — with contract requests. Often, legal departments’ inefficiency stems from juggling and prioritizing the volume of requests, which come to them via email, phone calls, handwritten

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