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Leveraging our compliance experts’ and SharePoint developers’ depth of knowledge to share industry-related news, quick tips and best practices in policy and procedure management, contract management and business processes.
How to Evaluate Contract Management Systems

How to Evaluate Contract Management Systems from an IT Perspective

As an IT project manager or SharePoint administrator with your own job tasks and processes, it can be a challenge to evaluate software vendors based on the needs and from the standpoint of another department, especially without knowledge of their

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How to Evaluate Employee Training Software Vendors

5 Tips to Choosing Software that Employees Will Happily Train On

As your organization expands, so does the onboarding and employee training process. When the company outgrows its current method of managing training materials and records in Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel, three-ring binders, printed handouts and scanned PDFs, HR, safety, compliance

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How Effective is Your Policy Management System

Now’s the Time to Test Your Policy Management’s Effectiveness

How many of your employees leave scribbled passwords on post-it notes under their keyboards on their desks or taped to the bottom of a drawer? Or, they have confidential information on their laptops, which they take home to work on?

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Evaluate Efficiency of Contract Processes

Quick Tips to Evaluate Contract Processes: Requests, Creation, Review

Whether you’re looking to overhaul or refine current contract processes, start at the beginning — with contract requests. Often, legal departments’ inefficiency stems from juggling and prioritizing the volume of requests, which come to them via email, phone calls, handwritten

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Healthcare Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Build Database of Preferred Vendors to Reduce Costs and Strengthen Compliance

Supply chain management, healthcare organizations’ second most expensive cost after labor, will become a central discussion as executive leadership looks for ways to better manage and curtail spending. Supply chain management’s responsibilities require a tough balancing act: source quality materials,

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HIPAA Risk Assessment

Perform a HIPAA Risk Assessment in 6 Steps

Healthcare providers and insurers may sigh in relief at the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights’ delays in HIPAA audits, but recent data breaches and cybersecurity attacks suggest that they should not wait in performing HIPAA

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10 Signs of an Effective Healthcare Compliance Committee

You want to ensure your healthcare organization remains compliant with local, state and federal regulations, as well as industry best practices, so you create a compliance committee. Solving potential and current compliance issues — and getting your staff on board

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How to Approach Managed Care Contract Negotiations

How to Approach Managed Care Contract Negotiations

An efficient contract management system will not help your healthcare organization realize cost savings if the managed care contracts put into it are not well-negotiated so that they benefit both you and the vendor. Poorly negotiated managed care contracts will

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Healthcare Chief Compliance Officers

5 Reasons Why CCOs are Critical to Healthcare

One of the seven required elements of a healthcare compliance program is a compliance committee, led by a chief compliance officer (CCO). Though 86% of healthcare provider respondents to PwC’s “State of Compliance 2014” survey said they have designated CCOs,

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Why Healthcare Needs Contract Management

Why Healthcare Needs Contract Management – Reduce Supply Chain Costs

In the face of ever-changing healthcare regulations, hospitals and other healthcare provider organizations face tightening budgets yet growing operating — particularly compliance-related — costs. Did you know that supply chain costs are the second largest expense for healthcare provider organizations

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