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Leveraging our compliance experts’ and SharePoint developers’ depth of knowledge to share industry-related news, quick tips and best practices in policy and procedure management, contract management and business processes.

Transparent Compliance Management – Pros and Cons

The willingness of any organization to be honest and open about its compliance track record is increasingly being recognized as a very pro-stakeholder position. Transparency has become the latest management buzzword as organizations rush to compete over who can share

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Compliance Management – 5 Signs Your Compliance Board Needs Help

The presence of a compliance board on your organizational chart creates the perception that your compliance function has clear governance and oversight from a team of experienced and qualified professionals. The reality can often be very different. For some organizations,

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Compliance Management Incentives – 5 Things To Consider

For any organization that is struggling to maintain compliance standards, the conversation will inevitably come around to whether or not to offer incentives to encourage behavior change. If constant email reminders, bulletins, refresher trainings, and town hall meetings aren’t doing

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Why Healthcare Needs Contract Management

Why Healthcare Needs Contract Management – Reduce Supply Chain Costs

In the face of ever-changing healthcare regulations, hospitals and other healthcare provider organizations face tightening budgets yet growing operating — particularly compliance-related — costs. Did you know that supply chain costs are the second largest expense for healthcare provider organizations

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Policy Management – Code of Conduct and Compliance?

Compliance typically proves to be much easier to comprehend than to implement as an organizational practice. The requirement to follow all relevant industry regulatory standards and policies is a straightforward concept to grasp for most corporations unless they make a

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Proactive Safety Policies and Procedures Management

                  Employee safety is of critical importance to every organization, and no compliance specialist would ever consider anything less than complete adherence to all relevant regulations and safety standards. Unfortunately, many companies

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sharepoint online office 365

Comply with Regulatory Compliance Requirements Using Office 365 and SharePoint Online

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sharepoint online office 365 contract management

Contract Management: 3 Key Operational Best Practices to Learn from Innovation Leaders

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7 tips contract management software

Contract Management: 7 Tips for Better Managing the Contract Lifecycle

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policy management software sharepoint online

How Policy Management Software Affects Compliance: Before and After

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