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See what our compliance experts are saying about the latest news, tips, and best practices in Policies and Procedures Management, Contract Management, and business processes.

Policy Management and Compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11

One of the most difficult mazes to navigate in the entire federal government of the United States is the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This agency is the authority under which new drugs and new medical devices receive

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Making Compliance With The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Easier

With the exception of the US Mint and the Federal Aviation Authority, the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), governs the entire United States government process for buying goods and services. The codification of FAR is Title 48, Chapter 1 of the
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Policy Templates: When to Use, Where to Find, How to Customize

Starting with templates when creating policies and procedures ensures organizations don’t leave out small but essential details. Templates are especially helpful in highly regulated enterprises, such as healthcare environments where HIPAA requirements come into play. You can’t simply drop a

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SharePoint Policy and Procedure Management

5 Issues in Manual Contract Management Addressed

At the heart of every business, without exception, is a process for the management of contracts. Whether this process is refined or thrown together can make a vast difference in the costs of time and resources spent addressing each of
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Policy Management Software Template on SharePoint

Policy Management Software: Archiving Policy Information

When you have a large organization to run, one thing you do not want is the unorganized clutter of files and documents, especially of your policies and procedures.  However, when the time arrives for the referencing of the old policies in
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What is Contract Management

What is Contract Management, and Why Should You Automate the Lifecycle?

What is Contract Management? Contract Management can take on a variety of meaning, and serve a wide range of functions. For example, contract management can mean: Organizing your contracts in one central repository Making sure there is a process for
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ConvergePoint Regulatory Compliance on Microsoft SharePoint - Policy Management Software and Contract Management Software

Regulatory Compliance In Microsoft SharePoint

What Is Regulatory Compliance? Regulatory compliance is an organization’s observation and conformance to external standards, controls, regulations, guidelines and/or laws that are specific to the organization’s type of offering. Failure to comply can result in a violation of the standard which
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Contract Lifecycle Management - Who Are The Key Players

Contract Lifecycle Management: Who Are The Key Players?

Efficient Contract Lifecycle Management is gaining importance as we move to a service based society where the rules of our offerings are outlined in the contracts we negotiate with one another. Contracts legally bind us to our obligations while detailing what those obligations are. When talking
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Create Legal Team Cohesion with Contract Management (2)

5 Ways To Create Legal Team Cohesion with Contract Management

It is universally accepted that the performance of legal teams is directly affected by their level of  cohesion. Just like any team, disturbances in cohesion can hinder team collaboration and ultimately hurt performance. Henceforth, it is essential to organize the legal team on
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You Dont Have to Be A Large Organization (4)

You Don’t Have To Be A Large Organization To Have Great Policies and Procedures Management

Every time Policy and Procedure Management comes to mind, majority tend to think of large corporations and think it is only a task for the large enterprise. Often, information and resources neglect the same needs for smaller organizations altogether, many need
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