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Leveraging our compliance experts’ and SharePoint developers’ depth of knowledge to share industry-related news, quick tips and best practices in policy and procedure management, contract management and business processes.
Contract Management Oversights Prove Costly

Recent Oversights in Government Contract Management Prove Costly

Recently, audits of local and state government agencies — in California, Massachusetts, Texas and elsewhere — have revealed costly oversights in their contract management processes. These issues in the contract management system are not just found in government agencies, but also

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Learning Environment in Your Company

What Does a Learning Environment in Your Company Look Like?

One of the best ways to improve employee retention is to not just train them initially, but constantly develop them by creating a work environment that fosters communication and learning. Both people and your company change over time, and if

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Healthcare Compliance

7 Elements of an Effective Healthcare Compliance Program

With the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HSS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) preparing to audit about 400 healthcare providers in 2015, what can you do to be ready? Whether your organization has been prepared for months or

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5 Tips to Better Document Management

For HR Professionals: 5 Tips to Better File and Email Organization

Return from the holidays to find you left your desk in disarray? Going through that stack of papers — other than ensuring they sat on a somewhat neat, yet ever-growing pile — was definitely the last thing on your mind

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Evaluating a Contract's Value to Your Business

Beyond the Dollar Amount: Evaluating a Contract’s Value to Your Business

How much is the contract worth? How much value does your business gain from that contract? Most importantly, are those two numbers the same or similar? A contract doesn’t just outline the negotiated details between you and a vendor; the

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Increase Employee Engagement by Involving Them in Policy Management

Increase Employee Engagement by Involving Them in Policy Management

Businesses today know that attracting and retaining top talent are essential to a business’s livelihood — which is why employee engagement has become increasingly important. How do you know employees are engaged in their work? You should feel a buzz

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Ensure Employee Accountability & Compliance through Effective Policy Management

Get the must-read, FREE, how-to guide: Ensure Employee Accountability & Compliance through Effective Policy Management. The step-by-step guide asks critical questions of your current processes and employee engagement, and offers tips on how to strengthen your policy management system to

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How to Evaluate Software Vendors

4 Tips When Evaluating Compliance Management Software Vendors (Beyond Product Features)

  Your company has decided it’s ready to take your policy or contract management system to the next level and look into compliance management software vendors. You’ve been tasked with researching and evaluating vendors and products. Beyond comparing the actual

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3 Responsibilities All Managers Have to Employees

3 Crucial Responsibilities All Managers Have When It Comes to Policies

As a manager — no matter what your specific role within the organization or what size or type company you work for — you have three important responsibilities to your employees when it comes to policies and procedures: access, education

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4 Benefits of Integrating Buy- & Sell-Sides of Contract Management

what are the benefits of integrating the #buying and #selling sides of #contract management? For most companies, the buying and selling sides of contract processes are kept separate, but they don t have to be. ConvergePoint provides four big

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