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Leveraging our compliance experts’ and SharePoint developers’ depth of knowledge to share industry-related news, quick tips and best practices in policy and procedure management, contract management and business processes.

Policy Management – Value Of A Policy Post Mortem

Following Stephen Covey’s encouragement to “begin with the end in mind,” a commitment to a detailed policy debrief at the end of the process must be included at the beginning. As such, all data points, communications, and draft versions must

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Policy Management and Version Control

  One of the worst culprits of side stepping protocol is the sharing of draft versions. After all, why force a colleague, who has a brief window of time to work on the policy, to search a potentially disorganized database

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Policy Management – Stay In Control Of Process Changes

If you have been struggling with the quirks of a manual policy management system for any length of time, the prospect of finally having access to a purpose-built software solution to help manage your department can be an exciting one.

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Policies and Procedures – Importance Of An Audit Trail

The successful completion of a comprehensive audit can produce a range of emotions. For some, the formal recognition that your department is managed effectively, and that every ‘i’ is meticulously dotted and every ‘t’ is carefully crossed, is a badge

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Employee Training Software - Policy Training

Employee Training – Ensuring Employee Understand New Policies and Procedures

  The process of policy creation can be a painful one at times. Depending on the relative complexity of the subject area, the creation process can involve multiple representatives from multiple departments. Keeping all of those people on track and

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What is Your Organization Compliance Philosophy

Compliance Management – Organization’s Philosophy

Compliance to legally required standards and practices should, one would think, be the minimum level of acceptable behavior in business today. The fact that so many organizations aggressively promote their status as being in full compliance with all industry standards,

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Does Your Organization Track a Risk Tolerance or a Risk Appetite

Compliance Management – Risk Tolerance or a Risk Appetite?

How does your organization view compliance risk? Do you manage it as an exposure to legal penalties when your company is found to be out of compliance with existing industry laws and regulations? Or do you approach it differently? Many

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5 Keys Effective Policies and Procedures Collaboration

Policies and Procedures – 5 Keys To Collaboration

5 Keys to Effective Collaboration Policy creation is a collaborative process. Gathering the input of all departments involved, and then managing the editing and review of multiple draft versions in order to arrive at a definitive ‘approved’ version requires a

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The Pros and Cons of Transparent Compliance

Transparent Compliance Management – Pros and Cons

The willingness of any organization to be honest and open about its compliance track record is increasingly being recognized as a very pro-stakeholder position. Transparency has become the latest management buzzword as organizations rush to compete over who can share

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Compliance Management – 5 Signs Your Compliance Board Needs Help

The presence of a compliance board on your organizational chart creates the perception that your compliance function has clear governance and oversight from a team of experienced and qualified professionals. The reality can often be very different. For some organizations,

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