SharePoint Branding

The Microsoft® SharePoint platform allows for employees, customers, partners and vendors to communicate and collaborate more efficiently.

With increased collaboration and communication comes increased efficiency, improved productivity and reduced costs. Branding & Design is a key ingredient to any collaboration effort but it is a critical component to the success of the organization’s SharePoint effort.

SharePoint Branding and SharePoint Design should not be about just adding a logo to a SharePoint Site collection and adding a default SharePoint Theme to the site.

The SharePoint Branding effort allows you to leverage custom SharePoint Design options that extend your existing marketing and branding guidelines into SharePoint.

SharePoint Branding ensures that employees are getting the same look and feel that they are used to making SharePoint look more familiar and less alien.

Our experience has shown that an effective SharePoint Branding effort usually results in faster adoption of SharePoint intranets, SharePoint Business applications and SharePoint portals. Marketing & Corporate Communication & HR departments have greater success leveraging a well branded SharePoint site to communicate with employees.

Custom SharePoint Designs & a well thought out SharePoint Branding effort ensures that prospects, customers, partners and vendors are always encountering the exact same corporate identity on SharePoint Websites, SharePoint Extranets & any SharePoint portals that they might have access to.

The ConvergePoint team of SharePoint Branding experts can help extend SharePoint Portal to design both internal and external facing SharePoint sites.

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