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Your organization is growing and you need a way to share confidential information with your clients, partners, consultants, and even vendors. The SharePoint Extranet platform offers an intelligent collaboration tool that can be used to provide authenticated SharePoint 2010 access to all authorized external users via a secure extranet portal. The SharePoint extranet feature grants unique levels of access to information based on specific extranet access permissions levels. And that’s not all. You can use SharePoint extranet to provide useful access only to specific areas of the portal based on their roles.

Work with the SharePoint Consulting team to create a SharePoint Extranet for your organization. Our SharePoint consulting team has the expertise to use either your existing Active Directory or an independent extranet authentication provider to grant user-level access to employees, clients, partners and vendors. Our SharePoint development experts ensure that users have all of the features SharePoint offers at their disposal to help them collaborate better.

Our SharePoint extranet experts can also add communication and management features such as a rich dashboard and reports that present real-time information to users. We can also help with integration of business applications and data with the SharePoint extranet.

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