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When looking to improve and streamline communications and better connect with employees, organizations of all sizes deploy SharePoint intranets as cost-effective and powerful solution for their corporate communication and collaboration needs.

Through a SharePoint intranet portal, departments across an organization can collaborate on projects, documents, meetings and discussions, and share calendars, whether they are in one location or working remotely. A SharePoint intranet portal enables employees to quickly access shared documents and information on a central platform, making it easy to find, organize and manage the items they need.

With great flexibility and scalable functionality, SharePoint can deliver a highly engaging intranet when configured properly, leading your workforce to use it regularly. Investing in user experience and branding for your organization’s SharePoint Intranet is therefore critical to adoption.

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Intranet SharePoint Consultants – Enhance or Migrate your existing SharePoint Intranet

  • Improve existing business processes using SharePoint document libraries, SharePoint lists, business-specific workflows, electronic InfoPath forms and reports
  • Extend the SharePoint Portal framework internally for business users and interact with customers, partners and vendors
  • Leverage the SharePoint enterprise content management system to manage, share and publish content across the enterprise.
  • Create custom SharePoint business applications to enhance collaboration, improve business processes and streamline business approval processes.
  • Create feature rich intranet dashboards and SharePoint reports that provide management with a real time access into benchmarks and indicators within the organization.

For a fast solution that can be deployed in a short time frame, try the ConvergePoint SharePoint Intranet Template.

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