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Compliance Management Software for the Education Industry

Policies and procedures protect the intellectual property that educators, students, researchers and other faculty create, while also managing grants, protecting student information and privacy, and outlining institutions’ ethical research procedures.

With a high level of understanding of the unique challenges educational institutions face, we support top U.S. universities’ compliance programs with our three SharePoint products, all of which streamline your processes, make it easy for you to control and capture compliance data, and proactively remind compliance teams to complete tasks.

An automated system that offers checks and balances for data capture and intelligent compliance workflows enables our education clients to provide clear, consistent instruction to employees. In turn, you’re able to foster consistent ethical behavior, reduce issues in non-compliance and focus on taking a proactive stance. You can also better manage the vast amount of data for which you’re responsible, whether student information, grant details, research documentation or institutional policies.

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Our Education Clients Benefit From

  • Consistent and centralized compliance processes through custom workflows
  • Configurable forms and forced data capture to produce ad hoc reports and allow for advanced search functionality
  • Actionable compliance from real-time dashboards, reports, notifications, escalation events and active revisions
  • Centralized area for collaboration, discussions, supporting information and distribution
  • Proactive email reminders and notifications when policies and contracts are due for revisions, renewal, expiration or retirement

Compliance Software Products

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