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The ConvergePoint Corporate SharePoint Intranet Template includes a pre-built set of tools and features that can be quickly deployed, easily configured and extended to meet your specific business needs. Out-of-the-box Microsoft SharePoint can be complex and intimidating to build, so turn to SharePoint intranet experts for help. Let us get your organization started by ensuring your basic intranet framework is done right.

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Features of our Corporate SharePoint Intranet Template include

  • Dynamic intranet home page with custom modules to fit every organization , including newsletter, blog, events, address book and announcements

  • Department level sites with document management, contact lists, calendaring, discussion boards, project tasks and content management features

  • Custom workflow for HR – Leave requests

  • Custom workflow for IT – Help Desk request tracking

  • Robust HR page with benefits and compensation, policies, forms, job openings and more

Use the ConvergePoint Corporate SharePoint Intranet Template to communicate and share knowledge with your business or team. Keep all essential business documents and company data in a single, secure place for your entire organization to access, anywhere, anytime.

An intranet that is easy to navigate will allow users to quickly find necessary information. With an effective layout and relevant content, your organization will instantly engage employees and ensure adoption. We partner with your business and technical teams and within a short timeframe, we will produce a solid SharePoint Intranet that enhances employee productivity and collaboration.

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