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HR and Compliance Case Management Software on Microsoft SharePoint

HR and compliance managers have for years demanded a stronger platform to handle their case management needs. Whenever a new case gets brought to your attention, you’re using a variety of unorganized tools to report and track complaints, corruption, and fraud allegations, but oftentimes lose record of where the case details go next, who sees the report, and whether a recommended action plan is ever implemented.

ConvergePoint understands the specific needs of HR and compliance managers, along with your pain points when it comes to HR investigations or case management. Fortunately, our Case Management Software on Microsoft SharePoint heeds those calls, and creates a streamlined workflow where the creation, management and reporting of a case is handled in one central location, a welcomed sight for all parties.

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No More Outdated Case Management Processes

Gone are the days of paper copies shared throughout your entire organization. Our Investigative Case Management Software comes with a variety of handy tools and keeps the entire process in one online and secure SharePoint platform, where all users can readily view important case details and make updates as necessary. HR and compliance managers need their compliance case management processes to abide by OSHA and regulatory oversight, and our solution not only creates a complete audit trail, but helps reduce fraud and mitigate risks throughout your organization.

Conveniently create a new case in seconds

Our HR case management software enables employees to easily open new cases and managers to act on them.

Efficiently equip investigators with case details

Our investigative case management software allows supporting documents and attachments to be provided throughout the process.

Accurately decide on a course of action

Our compliance case management software empowers decision-makers to develop and implement a recommended action plan to resolve the issue.

How Does Your Business Benefit with Our Case Management Software?

From the reporting through the resolving stages, your business benefits every step of the way. HR and compliance managers create custom fields and rules in the reporting forms so they can easily track the most pertinent information of a case. Following that, you can immediately decide if an investigation is needed or who in the organization should see the case details next.

Paper copies and non-automated platforms fail to notify the appropriate individuals if their input is needed, creating a wealth of potential logistical errors. Our case management software avoids all of that by sending email notifications to each individual if a case requires their attention.

Once a recommended action plan has been decided upon by managers and investigators, advanced search and reporting capabilities allow for reports to be instantly created in the event of an audit or review session later down the road. Leadership can readily view these reports and analyze trends to limit similar issues from reoccurring or impairing employee safety.

Your team does not have to feel alone in the process. ConvergePoint’s case management and SharePoint experts provide ongoing support and training whenever you have questions or concerns. Plus, our case management software gets you up and running in a matter of days or weeks, not months, with seamless migration and deployment.

Report a Case

Open a case by filling out important information in required, custom fields.

Supporting Documents

Employees upload supporting documentation, which managers review when working on cases.

Incident Tracking Alerts

Receive automated notifications when a case has been filed or when you have an outstanding task.

Review and Decide

Review cases, make notes, start discussions and decide whether to pursue action.

Custom Workflows

Choose which people need to review and make decisions on each case.

Real-Time Dashboards

Track progress and see overviews of case statuses, incident dates and outcomes.

Search and Report

Find full records of cases, organized by employee, type and other categories.

Document Storage

Store complete case history, supporting documents and related notes.

Revisions and Renewals

Easily revise policies and be notified when they need to be renewed or retired.

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Chosen and Trusted By Industry-Leading Businesses and Organizations

We surpass our clients’ high expectations by delivering powerful compliance management software and solutions on Microsoft’s SharePoint and Office 365 platforms.



Manage Title IX offenses, student transgressions, harassment allegations, discriminatory behavior, and general grievances.


Manufacturing and Retail Industry

Examine corruption claims, fraud allegations, workplace health and safety incidents, property theft, and QA incidents.



Investigate security breaches, fraud allegations, patient privacy claims, health and safety incidents, and general patient complaints.


Financial Services and Banking

Manage customer complaints, corruption allegations, fraud charges, due diligence, money laundering claims, and regulatory compliance from government organizations.


Insurance and Employee Benefits

Adhere to regulatory oversight, investigate fraud allegations, reduce wasteful practices, and maintain a complete audit trail.


Energy and Utilities

Comply with government oversight, environmental protections, workplace injuries, and health and safety incidents.



Manage cases and lawsuits against third-party providers, accident claims, logistics brokers, and direct shippers.


Case Management – Best Practices

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See a Compliance Case Management Software Demo

Let us show you how our Investigative Case Management Software will strengthen your compliance program.



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