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The 3 Most Important Steps Beyond Conflict of Interest Disclosure

From a compliance and risk management perspective, conflicts of interest (COI) disclosure require both prompt and clear disclosure, along with documented evidence of appropriate action taken by HR/Compliance once the disclosure has been made.


Find out if your Organization is staying on top of COI Management and How Conflict of Interest Software can Help.

The likelihood that your employees face significant conflicts of interest in the performance of their assigned roles is usually assumed to vary dramatically from industry to industry. In practice, it is the type of COI that most often varies. Senior executives


Checklist: Conflict of Interest – Creating Effective COI Policy and Questionnaire

Download our free comprehensive checklist for creating an effective COI policy and questionnaire to:


5 Signs of an Effective COI Policy

When employees are asked to disclose conflicts of interest (COI’s) in orientation or refresher training, or receive regular email requests from HR or Compliance, the ease with which such enquiries are dismissed can be quite alarming.


Are You Compliant with the Sunshine Act?

Section 6002 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 – also known as the Physician Payments Sunshine Act (PPSA) – requires all manufacturers of drugs, medical devices and biologicals that participate in US federal healthcare programs


Manage Conflict of Interest Disclosures more Effectively with 3 Critical Steps

For most organizations, managing conflicts of interest (COI’s) is systematized through the use of established protocols. A combination of new employee orientation and ongoing refresher training ensures the potential harm of undisclosed


Managing conflict of interest policies

Homegrown conflict of interest policiesoften read like a shopping list of every scenario the company failed to consider in the prior versions of the policy. The fact that both the appearance of and the potential for abuse, irrespective


The Very Real Threat of a Conflict of Interest and How to Manage it

When 105 medical residents were asked if gifts from a pharmaceutical company could sway their behavior or opinion of that company, 60% said no. To this same group of medical residents, a second question was asked – what about their peers?

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5 Signs that You are Ready for COI Risk Assessment

Conflict of interest (COI) disclosure operates on a trust system. New hire orientation training and occasional refresher training sessions bring up the issue and request the submission of disclosure forms with no real sense of how many

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3 Signs uour Employees don’t Understand Conflict of Interest Disclosure

The term conflict of interest (COI) may seem very straightforward to HR and compliance specialists, but for the employees who are required to submit COI disclosure forms, the definition may not be so clear. If your new hire orientation

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Conflict of interest disclosures management software – microsoft sharepoint

Challenged by new federal regulatory bodies and legislation, including the FTC, FCPA, and SEC, HR and compliance managers realize not disclosing and taking action on potential conflicts

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Download the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Software One-Sheet

Read and share this flyer, which provides a quick overview of ConvergePoint’s Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosure Software, built on Microsoft SharePoint.

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