Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Software On Microsoft 365 SharePoint

Manage the entire contract management lifecycle on Microsoft SharePoint 

Contract Lifecycle Management Software

  • Streamline the entire contract lifecycle management process with a full-featured, scalable CLM software that installs on the  SharePoint platform.
  • Contract request management feature to capture request information, prioritize contracts, and route contracts for approval.
  • Robust contract authoring tools with an option to leverage a clause library.
  • Custom contract workflows make it easy to ensure automated contract management with the right people involved in the contract creation process at the right time for review and approval.
  • Streamline contract negotiations with third parties by using integrated contract management tools like our Outlook Plugin and eSignature integration for the contract negotiation process.
  • Improve efficiency by integrating the native integration of our contract management software with your electronic signature company (DocuSign, Adobe ESign, Dropbox Sign and Sertifi)  for easy contract signature.
  • Contract and Legal teams can rely on advanced contract tracking software to optimize the contract creation process.

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Contract Request Management 

  • Create custom contract request forms to match the specific needs of each request type.
  • Use pre-defined document templates for common requests to save time and effort.
  • Connect to CRM systems to automatically populate customer data.
  • Route requests for approval based on contract value or department.
  • Provide real-time status dashboards for requestors so they can track progress on their requests in one place

Contract Authoring and Review

  • Use Microsoft Word Online and the ConvergePoint Word AddIn to quickly and accurately author contracts.
  • Enable review and approval workflows tailored to specific contracts and teams.
  • Send notifications via email when approvals are required or progress is made.
  • Send contracts out for negotiation with the click of a button.
  • Send contracts directly from the platform to easily secure signatures.

Contract Collaboration With Custom Workflows

  • Define custom workflow rules to assign reviewers and approvers based on the contract type.
  • Set up criteria for each contract type (e.g. value, department) to determine who needs to review and approve the contract.
  • Track progress in real-time with a dashboard that allows you to monitor the entire process from start to finish.
  • Automatically send out notifications when contracts require review or approval.
  • The contract management system allows you to go through multiple reviews and negotiations before being approved with our multi-tiered approval system
  • Give designated users access to contract documents, metadata, discussion boards, comments, and version history.

Contract Dashboards, Search and Reporting

  • Monitor the progress of contracts with an interactive dashboard that provides an overview of their status.
  • Identify potential bottlenecks in the process to ensure efficient contract execution.
  • Quickly locate contracts using targeted searches against contract properties
  • Receive real-time ad hoc reports to stay up to date on all relevant data regarding a particular contract.

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