Policy Lifecycle Management 
 - Attestation and Acknowledgement

Policy and Procedure Acknowledgments  using Microsoft 365 SharePoint

Ensure Compliance with Policy Attestation Feature

  • The policy acknowledgment module of the ConvergePoint Policy Management Software ensures that all employees have read your latest policies and procedures.
  • Employees are notified when new policies are available for certification.
  • A quiz module allows you to test the employee's understanding of the documents.
  • Real-time dashboards display the progress of each individual employee, as well as aggregate data from across your whole team.
  • With this feature, you can rest easy knowing that your team is always up to date on their policy training.

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Targeted Audience

  • Our policy acknowledgment and certification module ensures swift communication of changes to policies and procedures within the organization
  • Request individual or department acknowledgments of policies with ease
  • Receive email notifications when sign-offs have been collected for transparency and accountability
  • Every record is stored in a centralized database for easy access
  • Remain compliant with regulations by having a way to swiftly communicate, acknowledge and record policy changes

Policy Change Notifications

  • Our policy change notification feature notifies employees of any newly issued policies.
  • Employees are asked to acknowledge their understanding and acceptance of the policy upon receipt.
  • If a response is not received within a predetermined timeframe, an alert is sent to managers for escalation.
  • All responses are securely stored in a centralized database, providing valuable insights and eliminating the need for paper trails or manual tracking.
  • This ensures that employees are made aware of policy changes and compliance is met quickly and efficiently.

Policy and Procedure Quizzes

  • Our Quiz System tests your employees to ensure they have read and understood company policies and procedures.
  • Create custom quizzes tailored to your internal or external certification needs.
  • Monitor employee compliance by tracking quiz completion times, scores, and results.
  • Compare employee performance with real-time graphs and charts.
  • Automatically issue certificates upon successful completion of the quiz.

Reporting and Dashboards

  • Our Reports System provides detailed reports of who has or has not acknowledged policies.
  • Filter by any group of employees, policy documents, timeframe or entire history of documents and employees.
  • Visualize data with interactive graphs and charts for easy analysis.
  • Quickly spot emerging trends and detect potential non-compliance issues.
  • Generate exportable formats for regulatory compliance submissions and requirements.

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Schedule Recurring Certifications

  • Our policy management system allows you to set up recurring requests for policy and procedure sign-offs.
  • Automatically send notifications to employees according to the schedule you set (e.g. every six months, quarter, etc.).
  • Configure reminders for those who haven't acknowledged policies within your specified timeframe.
  • Monitor compliance levels easily with a summary of overdue documents and employees.
  • Generate reports to identify areas of concern quickly and efficiently.

Employee Attestation Dashboards

  • Our policy management system dashboards allows users to quickly identify who has and has not acknowledged policies in real-time.
  • User-specific dashboards make it easy for managers to see where they need to take action and who they need to follow up with.
  • Generate customizable reports with interactive graphs, charts, and tables.
  • Access data anywhere, anytime with secure access levels and permissions.
  • Receive real-time alerts when new documents or acknowledgement requests are added.

Customize and Configure

  • Easily customize and configure the policy workflow and capture metadata.
  • Set custom acknowledgements for employees to sign off on.
  • Choose who can access what, and control access rights with flexible permissions.
  • Automate your policy management process with customized triggers and alerts.
  • Streamline your workflow and quickly get the information you need in real time.

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