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Strengthen your conflict of interest and disclosure processes

Our Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Management Software provides advanced functionality and security necessary to allow your organization to remain regulatory compliant using proactive CIO management processes. Since our solution is automated, detailed task assignments and notifications with escalation capability are sent at the right time. All questionnaires and form details captured rest in one central repository for managers to view. Plus, our role-based access features restrict document viewing privileges to the assigned individuals only.

Recurring Alerts

Receive annual email notifications requesting new or updates to past conflict of interest disclosure paperwork.

Custom Forms

Fill out key information in required fields, with responses carried from conflict of interest disclosure cycle to cycle.

Task Notifications

Be notified when you have an outstanding task, or get escalation alerts about high-priority items.

Review and Decide

Assign reviewers to manage conflicts of interest based on employees’ roles and responses.

Role-Based Access

Restrict viewing of documents to only people who need access to them.

Real-Time Dashboards

Track completion of forms, and follow decision-making process on potential COIs.

Search and Reports

Search based on key criteria, and get relevant, timely data by exporting ad hoc reports.

Document Storage

Securely store all documents, including previous records, in one location for convenience.

Our Conflict of Interest Software helps employees input their existing relationships for managers to gleam.

Our Conflict of Interest Management Software prepares compliance managers with analysis of employee relationships.

How does your business benefit with conflict of interest software?

Without effective conflict of interest and disclosure software, your organization is left vulnerable in more ways than one. Impermissible gifts, investment interests, familial ties, and legal involvement are a few of the possible conflicts of interest that need to be disclosed appropriately to avoid non-compliance penalties.

Customizable forms allow employees to easily submit relevant information about their relationships or other interests with the organization. These questionnaires provide valuable insights for compliance managers to understand the current status and implications of all possible conflicts of interest. A complete audit trail is maintained during the entire disclosure process for internal and external purposes.

Distributing the COI questionnaire to all employees eliminates the need to individually track down individuals or lose paper surveys in the process. Once these questionnaires are submitted, our disclosure management software notifies the appropriate users of submission and collects the data from each survey. Our advanced real-time dashboards immediately detects any possible conflicts and promptly relate that information to compliance managers. Plus, our software creates an action voting task for managers to review and approve a following course of action.

Our team of conflict of interest experts at ConvergePoint is with you every step of the way to answer questions and provide industry best practices whenever needed. Our Conflict of Interest Software seamlessly migrates your entire Active Directory and gets up and running in a few short days or weeks.

Industries served


Disclose alumni contributions, hiring practices, partnership details, and promotional endeavors.

Manufacturing and Retail Industry

Oversee disclosure conflicts, employee hiring practices, contributions from outside organizations, and legal ties.


Manage conflicts of interest, employee investments, familial ties, and competitor links.

Financial Services and Banking

Supervise stakeholder ties, employee investments, corporate contributions, and political connections.

Insurance and Employee Benefits

View ownership interests from employees, financial contributions, family connections, and legal involvement.

Energy and Utilities

Handle employee connections with board members, corporate gifts, political connections, and environmental regulations.


Outline conflict of interest protocols for third-party providers and brokers, upper management, and mitigate driver and pilot COI breaches.

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