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Contract Management Solution that installs

as an App on  your Microsoft SharePoint platform

Extend SharePoint for Contract Management

  • Installs as an app on your Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online
  • Extend a platform that your employees are already familiar with for contract lifecycle management (CLM) Software
  • With our Microsoft Word Online integration, you can easily edit, track changes, and manage version control of your documents.
  • Our plugins for Outlook and Teams make it easy to notify relevant stakeholders and assign tasks quickly.
  • Since the software for contract management installs on SharePoint, it directly connects into your Active Directory and easily allows for easy Single Sign-on, roles-based access, and associated notifications. No user management is required when people leave or join the organization.

Make Requesting Contracts Easier and More Efficient!

  • Create custom request forms tailored to your specific needs. The software provides custom request forms that enables you to capture the required information from the requester to route the contract quickly and accurately.

  • Streamline the request process by automatically routing contract requests to the appropriate personnel.

  • Gain visibility into which contract requests require immediate attention with Contract Request Management.

  • Trigger automatic additional request approvals as needed based on contract values of specific contracts.

  • Receive fast approval for all of your contract requests, organized by department and dollar amount.

  • Requesters can use predefined template documents or you have to extract information from a CRM like Salesforce or Dynamics.

Contract Authoring and Templates

  • Create standardized templates for the entire organization to use.
  • Use pre-approved content across all documents.
  • Everyone comes to the contract tracking software to work on the latest version of the document right within Word Online.
  • Use the CLM software to track changes and audit trails to see who did what and what changes were made.
  • Use workflow data and approval data within the document header and footer.

Author, Review, Negotiate and Approve Contracts

  • The contract lifecycle management (CLM) Software automatically assigns the contract document to the assigned reviewers and approvers.
  • Structured process to handle document rejection or change requests.
  • All comments and approvals tracked in one central place.
  • Complete audit trail of every step in the review and approval process captured across versions.
  • Easily switch out reviewers and approvers as they move out of the organization or within it.

Contract Management Lifecycle - Workflow Engine

  • Structured pre-defined rules on how specific document types should be reviewed
  • All reviewers and approvers in the contract lifecycle are clearly identified
  • Deadlines for tasks are clearly defined within the CLM software
  • Automated email alerts when documents are delayed
  • Complete audit trail of everything that happens during the contract review process
  • Automatic publishing of contracts to the repository with roles based employee access
  • Automated notifications to relevant employees when contracts are active

Contract Clause Library

  • Use the contract software to leverage pre-defined clause library to save time.
  • Utilize easy-to-use tools to quickly insert clauses. 
  • Standardize content across all contracts.
  • Ensure all changes are approved through a comprehensive process.
  • Track and audit all changes to clauses with an audit trail.
  • Generate reports on standard clauses used across contracts.

Contract eSignature

  • Streamline contract signing with native integration to services like DocuSign, Adobe Sign, Sertifi, and HelloSign.
  • Quickly insert contract metadata.
  • Define signatories for both parties.
  • Easily send contracts for signatures.
  • Easily upload signed copies directly into the contract management system.

Contract Repository

  • Enable one central repository for all company contracts.
  • Establish roles-based access within the contract software to limit who has access to see specific active contracts.
  • Facilitate quick search and find contracts.
  • Capture contract metadata on all active contracts. 
  • Alert the right people when contracts are up for renewal and expiration.

Contract Renewals, Expirations and Amendments

  • Generate standard reports and dashboards for renewals and expirations.
  • Establish a structured process for contract renewals.
  • Supports multiple renewal options.
  • Manage contract expirations and cancellations.
  • Automatically trigger notifications to inform users of expiring contracts.
  • Handle contract amendments right within the contract software.

Contract Obligations

  • Monitor all contract obligations.
  • Assign specific obligations to appropriate individuals.
  • Send notifications and alerts when a contract obligation is due.
  • Ensure timely fulfillment of contract obligations.
  • Track compliance with contractual obligations.

Dashboards and Reports

  • Quickly access standard out-of-box reports.
  • Generate real-time dashboards to track the progress of contract activities. 
  • Create ad hoc reports for immediate insights.
  • Report on the different stages of the lifecycle of contracts,
  • Gain insight into  contract renewals and expirations.

3rd Party Integrations

  • Instantly send and receive contracts with Microsoft Outlook Plugin.
  • Search and find documents quickly with Microsoft Teams Artificial Intelligence Bot.
  • Introduce standardized content across all documents with Microsoft Word Plug-In.
  • Harness the power of native Signature Integration to services like DocuSign, Adobe Sign, Sertifi, and HelloSign.
  • Sync customer data between SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics through CRM Integration feature within the 
    contract software.
  • Enhance the accuracy of data extraction and migration processes with AI Tools

Implementation and Onboarding

  • Easy to install SharePoint App. Using SharePoint for contract management makes the installation and upgrades easy for your team. 
  • A dedicated implementation specialist to help understand your existing business processes.
  • The specialist will work with you on the deployment of software, user training, and migration of existing documents
  • Go live in a matter of weeks.
  • Once live, unlimited access to the support team, user documentation, how-to videos, and on-demand training.

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