Integrate the ConvergePoint Software to tools that you are already using

ConvergePoint software integrates with many of the tools that you are already using, such as Microsoft Outlook, Active Directory, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Word and CRM tools like SalesForce or Dynamics. You can also quickly integrate web-based eSignature tools like DocuSign, EchoSign, HelloSign and Sertifi with just a few clicks.

With these plugins, you will have access to all your data in one place within the ConvergePoint platform. This makes it easier to keep track of documents stored in different places without having to switch between applications

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Microsoft Outlook Plugin

  • Streamline the contract management process by integrating with Microsoft Outlook®
  • Manage incoming attachments from third party and track outgoing emails.
  • Upload signed contracts quickly and without manual effort.
  • Send contracts to other parties for signing directly from Outlook.
  • Approve contracts right from Outlook

Microsoft Teams - AI Bot

  • Seamless integration of contract management into Microsoft Teams
  • Search and locate contracts easily and quickly.
  • Receive alerts and notifications when contracts are ready for approval or changes are made.
  • Approve contracts directly from within Teams.
  • Use Teams as the primary communication tool to speed up contract workflow.

Microsoft Word Plug In

  • Create and manage documents quickly with an extensive clause library
  • Easily create documents with pre-built templates within Word
  • Compare versions of the same document side by side in seconds
  • AI metadata tools to ensure accuracy of data extraction
  • Track all changes made to a contract with audit trails.

eSignature Integration

  • Native integration with leading eSignature providers including DocuSign, Adobe eSign, Sertifi, and HelloSign.
  • Use your existing subscription to any of the eSignature services.
  • Easy sending options for signature requests to be sent and received quickly.
  • Receive and upload signed copies right into the platform within seconds.
  • Encrypted secure certificate to ensure signatures remain confidential.

CRM Integration

  • Connects to SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics natively.
  • Map multiple objects from the CRM to the contract management software fields with our inbuilt tools.
  • Extract data from the CRM during both the request and contract drafting phase.
  • Dynamically apply changes across contracts linked to the CRM object.
  • Publish signed copies to the CRM for future reference.

Additional Integrations 

  • Connect ConvergePoint to more than 1,000 services.
  • Push documents and request activity to other systems.
  • Update records across multiple platforms with one action.

AI Tools

  • Quickly and securely migrate contract documents from other platforms.
  • Easily import and upload documents in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Utilize AI migration tools to easily extract data from contracts.
  • Automatically store uploaded and migrated documents into designated folders.
  • All documents are automatically indexed and tagged for easy retrieval.

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