We make software that simplifies regulatory  compliance

About Us

ConvergePoint is the leading compliance software provider on the Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint platform.

Our policy management software, contract management software, conflict of interest disclosures software and incident management software help organizations automate their compliance processes and protect their data.

Our goal is to make the process of compliance as easy and stress-free as possible for corporate legal and compliance teams. We understand that compliance can be a challenging and time-consuming task, but we believe that it doesn't have to be. That's why we offer software tools to help teams get compliant with minimal effort.

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Our Core Values

Always ensure our customers are successful.

At ConvergePoint, we are committed to always ensuring our customers are successful. We strive to provide the best customer service and experience possible so that each and every one of our customers feel supported and valued.

We work hard to ensure that all of our products exceed expectations in terms of quality, reliability, affordability, and effectiveness.

Our team is dedicated to going above and beyond for our customers, whether it be answering questions about how a product works or helping troubleshoot an issue they’re having.

We understand that satisfied customers are essential for any business to thrive, so we take great pride in providing exceptional customer support.

We’re continuously innovating and developing new ways to make sure our customers have the best possible experience with us. From offering personalized guidance on how products can be used more efficiently to proactively staying up-to-date on the latest trends in their industry, we do everything we can to help them reach their goals. Our goal is not only to meet but also exceed customer expectations each time they interact with us - because after all, success starts with customer satisfaction!

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Our Core Values

Take ownership and drive change.

Taking ownership and driving change is a key core value that is held by all individuals in our organization. It means taking accountability for one's actions, accepting responsibility for the work done, and striving to make a positive difference.

It requires an individual to look for areas where improvement or innovation can be made, and then to take action to initiate and/or lead that change.

When it comes to bringing about meaningful change, our employees think long-term and consider the long-term impact of action taken on a company’s culture, its mission, our customers, and their overall success


Our Core Values

Continuous improvement of products, process, and people

Continuous improvement of products, processes, and people is a core value that we strongly believe in. It is an idea that focuses on continual advancement and refinement of existing processes and products, as well as the development of employees’ capabilities.

This practice ensures that our organization remains competitive in the industry by staying ahead of market trends and customer needs. Enabling employee growth through continued training and development opportunities improves employee morale and engagement is a key focus. We prioritize creating an environment where continuous improvement and innovation are a cornerstone for our team’s success.

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Our Core Values

Have fun!

Having fun is an important core value that we believe in. Our team thrives on being challenged with innovative projects and learning new skills. We love to brainstorm, collaborate, and come up with creative solutions that drive our business forward.

We take pride in being able to think outside the box to find the best possible solution for any given problem. Our team encourages each other to stay curious, be open to change, and embrace new ideas no matter how crazy they may seem.

We have a strong sense of camaraderie which helps us all work together more effectively and efficiently on our projects. Every team member is expected to come up with their own unique approach while also considering everyone else’s thoughts as well. By doing this, we can create something truly special through collective collaboration.

In addition, we try to make our work environment light-hearted and even add a bit of fun into what we do – whether that be playing games or having lunch together after a hard day of work. Our belief is that by creating an environment where people can learn together in an enjoyable fashion, we will get the best results out of our team members - ultimately leading us toward success!

ConvergePoint Team Having Fun