Safety Management: Near Misses and Corrective Action Checklist

Industries served


Manage Title IX offenses, student transgressions, harassment allegations, discriminatory behavior, and general grievances.


Investigate security breaches, fraud allegations, patient privacy claims, health and safety incidents, and general patient complaints.

Manufacturing and Retail Industry

Examine corruption claims, fraud allegations, workplace health and safety incidents, property theft, and QA incidents.


Manage cases and lawsuits against third-party providers, accident claims, logistics brokers, and direct shippers.

Insurance and Employee Benefits

Adhere to regulatory oversight, investigate fraud allegations, reduce wasteful practices, and maintain a complete audit trail.

Energy and Utilities

Comply with government oversight, environmental protections, workplace injuries, and health and safety incidents.

Financial Services and Banking

Manage customer complaints, corruption allegations, fraud charges, due diligence, money laundering claims, and regulatory compliance from government organizations.

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