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Policy and Procedure Software on the Microsoft SharePoint Platform

Use ConvergePoint’s Policy Management Software to automate your policy and procedure lifecycle management. Create, track, publish, and manage all of your company policies and procedures with ConvergePoint Policy and Procedure Software Suite, a robust full featured procedure template add-on to your company’s existing Microsoft SharePoint (Microsoft SharePoint 2010 & Microsoft SharePoint 2013) platform.

SharePoint Policy Management Software

The ConvergePoint SharePoint Policy and Procedure Software brings industry best practices on to a single document management platform and provides an extensive set of features to create and approve policies, distribute policies and ensure that employee acknowledge policies.

Manage The Entire Policy and Procedure Life Cycle

Policies and Procedures Management Software Features

Policy Management Roles Access

Restrict policy documents to only people who need to have access

Policy Management Software Document Version Control

Make sure everyone works on the same version of the document.

Policy Management Software Approval Process

Directs each document to the people that need to review and approve them.

Policy Management Software Search

Make sure everyone works on the same version of the document.

Policy Management Software Document Repository

Employees go to one place to find the most up-to-date policies and procedures

Policy Management Software Policy Notifications

Notifies policy owner when a policy is up for renewal or revisions.

Policy Management Software Policy Quiz Questions

Include a quiz to any or all of your policies and procedures.

Policy Management Software Policy Acknowledgement

Track employee sign off on policies and procedures electronically.

Featured Customers

Our  ever growing list of SharePoint policy management software customers include  the country’s leading hospitals & healthcare systemslarge defense contractorsfinancial services organizations, energy & utilities, educational institutions and non-profit organizations.

Policy Management Software - Policy and Procedure Software

Stay on top of Policy and Procedure compliance regulations. Keep your policies and procedures in one place, easily accessible through a powerful search tool. The SharePoint policy management software’s easy-to-use dashboards keep you informed of policy review statuses, delays, upcoming renewals, and certification issues in real time. As requirements change, you will not have to come back to us to keep the ConvergePoint SharePoint Policy and Procedure Software Suite working.

Although the ConvergePoint support team is always available to you, many organizations leverage in-house SharePoint resources to maintain and extend the ConvergePoint SharePoint Policy and Procedure Management Suite. The ConvergePoint SharePoint Policy Management Software Suite integrates completely with SharePoint (Microsoft SharePoint 2010 & Microsoft SharePoint 2013) and can grow with you and your changing organizational and regulatory needs. Make a one-time investment in expanding your Microsoft SharePoint system, and reap the benefits of simpler policy and procedure management and increased regulatory compliance for years to come.

Why Microsoft SharePoint?

SharePoint is Microsoft’s leading collaboration and document management platform. Its tight integration with Microsoft Office, Outlook and Active Directory allows for extensive document storage capabilities, powerful document search functionality, workflow and collaboration.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Policy Management Software
Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Policy Management Software

Don’t have SharePoint?

Microsoft offers a free version of the SharePoint platform called SharePoint Foundation. The good news is that the ConvergePoint Policy Management Software works on the foundation version of SharePoint.


Choosing which platform to host your compliance solutions is not a straightforward task. The solution needs to align with current business processes in a way that ensures cohesive compliance programs and overall cost effectiveness. Microsoft SharePoint is often not considered when choosing platforms because many business analysts do not realize that similar compliance results can be achieved by expanding the platform to include specific capabilities within compliance.

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