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Policy Management Software on SharePoint

From ever-changing, local, state and federal regulations to industry best practices and trade associations’ guidelines, it’s a challenge for any organization to keep policies current, employees trained and the company compliant.

At ConvergePoint, we understand the compliance challenges you face. Using your existing Microsoft SharePoint platform (available on Microsoft SharePoint 2010Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 – SharePoint Online), we help compliance and risk management teams, HR managers, policy administrators and IT managers automate their full policy lifecycle with Policy Management Software.

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Manage the Entire Policy Lifecycle

Three comprehensive SharePoint sites on one secure, robust platform, ConvergePoint’s Policy Management Software streamlines the full policies and procedures lifecycle. Our software is scalable to your needs; user-friendly for your IT team, compliance and risk management officers, in-house SharePoint team and other key users; and ready to grow with your organization.

Plus, our Policy Management Software offers quick deployment and seamless migration of existing policies and procedures, meaning you’re up and running in days or weeks, not months.

Because it is built on SharePoint, our Policy Management Software offers unique features that were designed with you in mind.

Policy managers get a bird’s eye view of policies’ statuses, upcoming renewals and employees’ acknowledgements on real-time dashboards, while the software guides your team through the policy creation, distribution and acknowledgement processes.

See how our Policy Management Software will help keep your policies and procedures updated and your employees trained — get a quick overview of the features below.

When you have questions about working in the policy management system, ConvergePoint’s support team is here for you. We also regularly update the software to keep it current with industry best practices.

Policy Management Software Approval Process

Use custom workflows to direct contracts to the people who need to review and approve them.

Policy Management Software Document Version Control

Avoid confusion by making sure everyone works from the latest document version.

Policy Management Roles Access

Restrict policy documents to only people who need to have access to them.

Policy Management Software Search

Easily find approved policies and procedures with powerful search options.

Policy Management Software Document Repository

Employees access and easily find up-to-date policies and procedures from one central location.

Policy Management Software Policy Notifications

Notify a policy manager when a policy is up for renewal, revisions or retirement.

Policy Management Software Policy Quiz Questions

Test employees on any or all of your policies with custom quizzes.

Policy Management Software Policy Acknowledgement

Track that employees have understood policies and procedures.

Scheduled Renewals on SharePoint 2010 and 2013

Revisions and Renewals

Easily revise policies and be notified when they need to be renewed or retired.

Custom Workflows

Custom Workflows

Choose which people need to draft, review and approve a policy.


Real-Time Dashboards

Track statuses of policies, as well as employees’ progress on acknowledging policies.

Event-Based Alerts

Event-Based Alerts

Be notified when you have a task to complete for a policy or a policy has been updated.

Featured Customers

Our Policy Management Software meets the needs of a wide range of clients working in highly regulated industries, including: healthcare, banking and financial, oil and gas, energy and utilities, manufacturing, retail, education, government agencies and non-profit.


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Let’s discuss your compliance challenges and goals — schedule a live demo today with one of our client relations managers. You’ll see how our Policy Management Software on SharePoint works, and how it can quickly strengthen your compliance management program.

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