ConvergePoint Releases Next Generation Contract Management Software

Houston, TX – To better serve the needs of organizations in increasingly regulated industries,ConvergePoint, the leading provider of compliance software, announced the launch of the next version of its Contract Management Software.

“Based on current customer feedback, best practices and the changes we’re seeing in the legal and compliance industry, we’ve vastly enhanced our Contract Management Software to better address our clients’ needs,” said ConvergePoint’s Chief SharePoint Architect Aju Koshy.

Organizations often waste countless hours sifting through old emails looking for contract approvals, searching through share drives and folders for documents, and allocating valuable resources to compile up-to-date reports.

Hosted on Microsoft SharePoint, ConvergePoint’s Contract Management Software eliminates these time-intensive tasks, by streamlining the contract lifecycle, from contract requests and signoffs through contract renewals and obligation management.

Improvements to ConvergePoint’s Contract Management Software:

  • Advanced Document Approval Workflows: In addition to using existing approval workflows, easily review and approve contract dollar amount requests that have been prioritized and are managed on a single system
  • Improved Contract Document Relationships: Enjoy greater visibility and quickly find contracts with related documents stored and organized by type, department and other important categories
  • Enhanced Search Functionality: Complementing existing search functions, run targeted searches to get detailed, relevant contract results
  • Obligation Management, Notifications and Tracking: Manage contractual obligations, and better track when contracts are due to renew or expire, with automated email alerts and full audit trails
  • Additional Reporting: Get enhanced, real-time, ad hoc reports based on key criteria

Interested organizations can schedule live demos of ConvergePoint’s Contract Management Software today by calling 888.484.8048.

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