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Complex Policy Management Processes

Policy and Procedure Management – Captivate Employees

When compliance departments and legal teams spend hours and countless resources to develop policies and procedures for their respective organization, they expect every employee to familiarize themselves with them and to make an effort to uphold those guidelines. However, policies and procedures may not be the most exciting topic for all employees, especially if they work outside the confines of your compliance or legal environment.

Finding unique ways to captivate your employees and teach them all of your policies and procedures can be achieved with the right approaches. Considering some policies and procedures take up lots of pages and time to fully read through, your employees might not feel motivated to spend the time and learn them appropriately. In some cases, your employees need to read up on new changes and shouldn’t spend more time than necessary trying to decipher what they mean.

Grabbing and retaining your employees’ attention is imperative for every organization when dealing with policies and procedures. To help in that process, here are a few tips to captivate your employees:

Evaluate the Nature of All Employees

Before you begin applying engaging ways to deliver your policies and procedures, your compliance or legal team should analyze the state of your organization and the employees within it. Especially in larger companies, the diversity of your employees can be incredibly varied. While some of them will feel motivated to learn your policies and procedures, most will feel overwhelmed by them or lack interest. Identifying different ways your employees will respond to your message will help in building methods to better captivate their attention.

Incentivize Learning Policies and Procedures

Not every employee will be excited to spend time learning your regulatory policies and procedures. One of the best ways to captivate them is to incentivize the process. Adding quizzes at the end, or during, a document or presentation will encourage them to pay closer attention, while giving you a clearer sense of whether your message was well-received or not. “Gamifying” the process and presenting information in a more creative and engaging way can make the process more fun for your employees. Implementing quizzes, timers, giveaways, games, or social learning are all ways to further captivate your audience.

Utilize Visual Content and Technology

Reading a 30 page document on a new policy can be tedious and overwhelming for your employees, especially if a quiz will be added at the end. Visual content, like videos and interactive presentations, is a great way to captivate your employees, especially the ones who learn best with visual material. These videos can cover as much as you want them to, and can be easily split up into different parts so your employees only have to learn piece by piece rather than the whole deal. Plus, you can still implement quizzes during these videos to gauge how well your employees are learning the material. Interactive presentations where employees can ask questions while being briefed on your policies and procedures is another great method.

Captivating your employees regarding your policies and procedures can be accomplished with ConvergePoint’s Policy Management Software and Office 365 Add-In. Our solutions enable your business to manage the full policies and procedures lifecycle of your organization using our policy creation, distribution and acknowledgement modules leveraging Microsoft SharePoint. Additionally, quizzes and other resources can be easily distributed to your employees, helping ensure regulatory compliance and understanding of the material.

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