Download Pricing Comparison Infographic Flyer

Download the Flyer: Pricing Comparison Infographic

Pricing Comparison Infographic

Get a helpful visual of the approximate cost of compliance management software. In this helpful infographic:

  • See how the cost of ConvergePoint’s compliance management software compares to other compliance-related expenditures
  • Weigh the costs of taking proactive measures (such as software) versus being penalized with non-compliance fines and legal fees
  • Recognize areas for potential cost savings

Where our team becomes your team

Client Relations Managers

As your initial point-of-contact, our Client Relations Managers hear your story and offer insight on how to improve your current business processes. Not only are they here to evaluate your needs, but they are also in tune with the latest news and cutting-edge resources in compliance management to keep your company up-to-date.

SharePoint Architects

When you have technical questions about our product, our SharePoint Architects can help. Not only can our SharePoint Architects help show you how our products can meet your needs, but they can also help you explore customizations and custom SharePoint and InfoPath developments to suit your business.

Designated Project Managers

Our Project Managers work with your IT team to determine your system requirements and deploy our software for you. To ensure a seamless implementation and smooth training process, we assign a designated project manager who remains your point of contact throughout the implementation and training phases.

SharePoint Developers

To bring you top-of-the-line software and leading-edge updates, we keep our knowledge base in-house and do not outsource to freelancers. With SharePoint Developers loyal to ConvergePoint for more than a decade, you can rest assured that our knowledgeable team is constantly working to build and improve our products.

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