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Conflict of Interest Software on SharePoint

Not disclosing and taking action on potential conflicts of interest puts your employees and organization at risk of damaging their reputations and facing penalties for non-compliance. Understanding the importance of capturing this information, ConvergePoint offers Conflict of Interest Software so your organization can capture, track and have a plan for each conflict.

Built on Microsoft SharePoint, our Conflict of Interest Software increases transparency and supports your compliance program by automating the process, from requesting conflict of interest disclosure forms from employees to tracking decisions and reporting on conflict of interest disclosures.

Learn how ConvergePoint can help your organization:

  • Manage compliance documents through the entire lifecycle – creation to distribution
  • Use roles-based intelligence to limit document access to the right people
  • Receive/send alerts and email notifications reminding users to take action
  • Track the entire process with a real-time dashboard and audit trails.

Benefit from Conflict of Interest Software Features

Our Conflict of Interest Software offers one-of-a-kind features that automate HR, compliance and risk management teams’ most tedious and sometimes overlooked tasks. It’s easy to use for your employees, compliance managers and IT team, as well as versatile and ready to grow with your organization.

Because it leverages your existing SharePoint resources, it integrates with Microsoft Active Directory (so new employees automatically receive notifications as soon as they’re enrolled), and we can seamlessly migrate and deploy our Conflict of Interest Software to get you up and running in days or weeks, instead of months.

Automated Notifications

Recurring Alerts

Receive annual email notifications requesting new or updates to past conflict of interest disclosure paperwork.


Custom Forms

Fill out key information in required fields, with responses carried from conflict of interest disclosure cycle to cycle.

Policy Management Software Policy Notifications

Task Notifications

Be notified when you have an outstanding task, or get escalation alerts about high-priority items.

Policy Management Software Policy Acknowledgement

Review and Decide

Assign reviewers to manage conflicts of interest based on employees’ roles and responses.

Policy Management Roles Access

Role-Based Access

Restrict viewing of documents to only people who need access to them.


Real-Time Dashboards

Track completion of forms, and follow decision-making process on potential COIs.

Policy Management Software Search

Search and Reports

Search based on key criteria, and get relevant, timely data by exporting ad hoc reports.

Policy Management Software Document Repository

Document Storage

Securely store all documents, including previous records, in one location for convenience.

Why Microsoft SharePoint?

Work with tools you’re already comfortable with and keep existing documents in the same format they were created by using Microsoft SharePoint. Its tight integration with Microsoft Office, Outlook and Active Directory allows for document storage, powerful document search functionality and collaborative workflow.