Compliance Software on Microsoft SharePoint

Where Coordination Expedites Compliance Processes.

How can you ensure your risk management and compliance department and legal team operate at its most efficient? With ConvergePoint’s compliance management software, hosted on the Microsoft SharePoint platform, you can streamline your policies and procedure process, contract management and employee training.

Take a look below for a brief overview of our six flagship products, and then let’s discuss how we can leverage your existing SharePoint platform with our software to keep your business compliant, safe and operating at its most efficient

Policy Management Software

Creating, organizing and maintaining your procedures and policies doesn’t have to be a stressful, company-wide undertaking. With ConvergePoint’s scalable, turnkey Policy Management Software, which uses your existing Microsoft SharePoint platform, you can easily manage the full policy lifecycle.

Contract Management Software

Never miss a deadline, contractual obligation or expiration date with our SharePoint Contract Management Software, which manages the full contract lifecycle, from requests and creation through obligation management and renewals.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Software

Increase transparency and efficiency with Conflict of Interest Disclosure Software, built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. The software walks your employees and managers through the disclosure process to capture, track and report on conflict of interest disclosures.

Case Management Software

ConvergePoint’s Investigative Case Management Software keeps the entire process in one online and secure SharePoint platform, where all users can readily view important case details and make updates as necessary. Our solution not only creates a complete audit trail, but helps reduce fraud and mitigate risks throughout your organization.

Health and Safety Training Software

Ensure your employees know how to do their jobs safely in their work environment. ConvergePoint’s SharePoint Health and Safety Training Software simplifies the employee training, reporting and EHS compliance processes.

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