4 Brilliant Ways to Perform Compliance Training

Employee Compliance Training

Without appropriate training programs in place, new and current employees alike may be left without the right knowledge to perform their new roles. When your employees are kept out of the loop about compliance, you may witness your policies and procedures aren’t being communicated as you’d like them to be.
To avoid this, preparing effective compliance training for your employees is a must. If your current compliance training initiatives are underperforming or not getting your core message across, your employees may not grasp your compliance landscape, requiring your training programs to be updated.
Getting the most out of your compliance training programs can be achieved by implementing engaging learning methods to reach your employees. When developing your compliance training strategy, make sure to incorporate these four brilliant ways to get your messages across:
1. Develop Fun Training Programs
Putting your stamp on a compliance training program is an excellent way to deliver your core messages in an engaging format. By making these programs fun and engaging, you can address key elements of your compliance policies and effectively communicate them with your employees. Since your organization would be the one developing them, you can custom-tailor these training programs to reflect your company culture and expectations in the workplace. Remember, keeping your compliance training simple for everyone to understand will avoid issues with understanding “legalese” and help employees perform better on quizzes or assessments.

2. Create Group Learning Opportunities

An easy way to instill your company culture and compliance structure is to create group learning opportunities for your employees. In these group settings, you can challenge your employees to come up with solutions to common compliance issues and embrace your company’s stance on compliance. Group learning sessions are meant to be engaging, fun and provide a sense of belonging to your organization. Why not apply it to compliance training?

3. Implement Mobile Learning

Making your compliance training available on-the-go is crucial to help connect with your employees. Mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, are built to engage their users with the content they are interacting with. Bringing mobile devices to group training sessions, for example, can enable your employees to interact with something they are already familiar with. Plus, your employees can complete their required compliance training at home or during downtime away from the office.
4. Utilize Company Webinars and Videos
Invite your employees to expand their compliance training by watching the resources you have prepared for them. In keeping with the theme of interactivity, videos, and webinars provide employees with visual content to engage with and gain valuable information from. Perform company-wide webinars to teach them compliance policies and outline expectations in your work environment. Afterward, provide them with videos and other visual content to consume to reflect on what they just watched and if they grasped your overall message.

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