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HOW-TO GUIDE: Ensure Employee Accountability and Compliance with Effective Policy Management
Running an efficient, profitable organization depends on employees who take ownership of their roles. Having an effective policy management system to guide your employees and ensure they understand their responsibilities and are held accountable is thus essential to growing your company… READ GUIDE
For HR Professionals: 5 Tips to Better File and Email Organization

Return from the holidays to find you left your desk in disarray? Going through that stack of papers — other than ensuring they sat on a somewhat neat, yet ever-growing pile — was definitely the last thing on your mind as you skipped out of your office on Friday.

However, a well-thought-out document management system not only eliminates clutter and keeps your office tidy, but it also helps make your job easier (and eliminates time-consuming, menial tasks!) — and for HR professionals and office managers, means the office as a whole runs smoother. Here are five quick tips to get you started… READ MORE

3 Simple Steps to Better Policies and Procedures Management
Without policies and procedures management, no company can survive. Policy and procedure management is the strong foundation laid for a stable and successful future; therefore it is essential to have an effective policies and procedures process… READ MORE
VIEW SLIDES: 5 Steps to Ensure Compliance with Policies and Procedures
Establishing effective policies and procedures does not begin and end with regulations. It takes the right amount of collaboration, the right types of distributive mediums, and the right methods to measure understanding. Here are 5 steps to ensure compliance, and what software features to look for to choose the best possible solution… READ MORE
5 Common SharePoint Myths Debunked
For many business leaders, SharePoint is the elephant in the room. They’ve heard about it, understand that it has many different applications, and possibly have had some interaction with it via a company SharePoint Intranet. Ask many people what it can do beyond intranet capabilities and the misconceptions start to creep in… READ MORE

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