Policies & Procedures: Keeping the Behind the Scene Stuff, Behind the Scenes

Every industry/business has certain regulations to follow and policies to implement for very different, yet equally important, reasons. The creation, distribution and acknowledgement of company policies and procedures ensures the safety of employees, serves as a reference guide and provides protection from the unknown.

Beyond that, when a potential client visits your office or views your company website, the goal is to effortlessly promote the image of a thoughtfully planned and organized well-oiled machine. In the business world, regardless of the industry, one thing can be agreed upon: Looking like a well-oiled machine from the outside is far from easy on the inside.

As a compliance officer or HR coordinator, your role consists of behind-the-scene work that ultimately creates the seamless, successful image for your company. It takes an extensive amount of behind the scene work to be and stay compliant in today’s fast-paced business market.

ConvergePoint understands that compliance is the building block with which success is paved and without the correct policies and procedures software that road can be a time-consuming, tedious endeavor. It’s the planning, policy drafting, paperwork and countless emails that consume our day and lengthen our to-do lists. The endless hunt through your inbox for the correct email attachment and constantly losing track of which draft has been reviewed makes being compliant a lot harder and more inefficient than it has to be.

ConvergePoint offers unique and effective SharePoint templates for each phase of the policy and procedure management life cycle:

Planned with an understanding of the extensive behind the scene work involved in compliance, ConvergePoint’s Policy and Procedure Management Software has it all:

Routing for review and approval: Not only are the documents sent to the individuals that need to review and approve them, but our policy software tracks approvals and reminds people to review the documents so you don’t have to!

Audit Trails: No more guessing. You’ll know exactly who saw the policy document throughout its entire life cycle.

Version Control: Allows users to view only the most updated versions of a policy document, meaning no time is wasted on corrections that were already made. Email attachments are a thing of the past; now everyone will be on the same page!

Let ConvergePoint help with your behind-the-scene compliance needs so you can shorten your to-do list while keeping your company running like a well-oiled machine.


Next step: Learn how to hold employees accountable to the policies and procedures you’ve asked them to read.

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Industries Served


Policies and procedures protect the intellectual property that educators,


Manufacturing and Retail Industry

Many manufacturing and retail companies have a decentralized business model with



The healthcare industry encompasses a wide range of facilities from hospital


Financial Services and Banking

Every organization in the financial service industry — whether a commercial bank,


Insurance and Employee Benefits

The insurance and employee benefits industry knows more than anyone else


Energy and Utilities

Navigating the increasingly complex regulatory requirements can be tough for



Abide by FAA, DOT, FMCSA, FRA and FTA regulations, educate drivers and third party vendors on guidelines, and streamline overall compliance.

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