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Is Your Compliance Training Working?

Compliance Training Regulatory compliance is a legal obligation for any company, and the cost of that compliance is accepted as a required part of the operating budget. Making sure that employees are adequately trained on the details of those compliance

Structured Management of Conflict of Interest Policies

Managing conflict of interest policies Homegrown conflict of interest policies often read like a shopping list of every scenario the company failed to consider in the prior versions of the policy. The fact that both the appearance of and the

Follow compliance best practices, while streamlining your policy process. Our Policy Management Software allows you to create, review and approve documents more efficiently in your existing SharePoint platform.

Allow your compliance team to focus on more important aspects of their job. Automate the policy and procedure distribution process with rules-based publishing, employee-friendly user interfaces, alerts and search.

Ensure employee compliance with audit trails, recurrence and reports. Train employees and send reminders so employees can acknowledge policies and procedures using our quiz and acknowledgement module.

Read compliance industry best practices articles, including how to improve your current policy and procedure management processes, better keep your employees up to speed and more.

Ensure all contract requests have proper approvals within a single SharePoint platform, and prioritize requests by contract dollar amount.

Draft, review and approve contracts, with intuitive workflow rules, version control, full audit trails and integration with eSignature companies.

Manage obligations, and receive auto-reminders as contracts age, go up for renewal and expire. See status updates from real-time dashboards.

Get legal industry best practice tips, including how to make current processes more efficient, realize the benefits of a contract management system and more.