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5 Simple Steps Towards Proactive Compliance Management

5 Simple Steps Towards Proactive Compliance Management – @ConvergePoint #compliance #risk #policy ConvergePoint explains the difference between reactive versus proactive compliance management.

get a #stepbystep #guide to establishing a #contractmanagement system #documentmanagement #SharePoint…

get a #stepbystep #guide to establishing a #contractmanagement system #documentmanagement #SharePoint #implementation #contractlifecycle

ConvergePoint Releases Next Generation Contract Management Software

ConvergePoint Releases Next Generation Contract Management Software

ConvergePoint caters to highly regulated industries such as transportation, energy, finance and healthcare, with more than one million end-users benefiting from our compliance management software.

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Follow compliance best practices, while streamlining your policy process. Our policy management software allows you to create, review and approve documents more efficiently in your existing SharePoint platform.

Allow your compliance team to focus on more important aspects of their job. Automate the policy and procedure distribution process with rules-based publishing, employee-friendly user interfaces, alerts and search.

Ensure employee compliance with audit trails, recurrence and reports. Train employees and send reminders so employees can acknowledge policies and procedures using our quiz and acknowledgement module.

ConvergePoint’s Contract Management Software is a workflow-driven Microsoft SharePoint template that enables organizations to create, collaborate, review and approve contracts made with customers, vendors, partners or employees.

Simplify the contract management process. Every contract goes through a defined streamlined business process — from request to approval — on a single platform to ensure accountability. Storing all files on one centralized platform allows for high visibility, strict regulation, extensive reporting and analytics capabilities, and speedy response times.

Run ad-hoc reports in real-time to find specific contract details, see general status overviews, determine cycle times and review expiration dates.

Ensure all contract requests have proper approvals within a single Microsoft® SharePoint platform, and eliminate unqualified requests.

Manage the full contract lifecycle, from drafting to review and approval, with intuitive workflow rules, version control and audit trails.

Roles-based user access allows you to set individual permissions and levels of access. Structuring is simple because contracts are dynamically organized.

Our dashboards offer real-time updates, extensive reporting, powerful search options and reminders as contracts age, go up for renewal and expire.