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Many companies that could benefit from the ConvergePoint SharePoint Policy Management Software Templates offer resistance because they believe it is tedious to move away from existing processes; especially if it is paper based, Excel-based, and/or email-based.

If your team is still operating on a workflow made up of emails, spreadsheets, or similar exhaustive processes, your company is left wide open to the risk from an audit.  Communication gets lost in paper based transactions, that’s the single greatest value to electronic systems.  But today, emails start flying internally and due to human error, people get left off the thread by accident; now conflicting versions require someone to sit down and consolidate changes.  Working with ConvergePoint removes that risk and dramatically increases value by building a collaborative solution on top of an existing SharePoint environment.

Change is nearly always resisted (Jim Riley, 2012); and rightfully so.  Some resistance is validated just because it takes time and resources.  However the end results are well worth the effort because without change, there is no improvement. The organization benefits from a compliant, easy to use product saving time (and headaches) for everyone involved.  Decrease errors from overlapping versions and remove the risk of stonewalled communication by using simple workflows to guide the policy lifecycle from beginning to end.   Alleviate compliance management pangs with a smooth transition to a better platform.  Plus, one of the greatest thing ConvergePoint’s Policy Management template offers is that it consistently changes to adapt to the industry as it evolves.

Isn’t it worth 15 minutes to see a demo of exactly how ConvergePoint manages the policy Creation, Distribution or Acknowledgement? Schedule your free demo of ConvergePoint’s SharePoint templates to see first-hand how you can improve your processes overnight.

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