Compliance Software: Here’s the Secret To Faster, Smoother SharePoint Document Migration

SharePoint Document Migration

Compliance Software: Here’s the Secret To Faster, Smoother SharePoint Document Migration

Whether you’re a policy manager, contract manager, SharePoint administrator or another key player in the project team, you know that deploying software and migrating documents to SharePoint will take coordination, planning and training.

You’ll have to work together to ensure all documents are found and will be categorized and put into a directory structure that multiple departments will understand and be happy with (though as we all know, it’s impossible to please everyone!). You’ll also have to work to make sure the SharePoint environment is set up correctly before deploying software. Whether you’re an IT person and need to ask about documents OR if you’re a policy or contract manager and need to navigate the technical requirements for deployment, the process will take stepping outside of your comfort zone slightly as you cross departments to get everything prepared.

To ensure users embrace your new system and it doesn’t sit idle for months, follow these four tips:

  1. Build pro/con list of current system
    1. Create “wish list” for new system — and choose vendor who is willing to configure system to meet your needs
    2. Understand current processes and how you want system to mirror those processes
  2. Gather all documents
    1. Know what documents you want uploaded
    2. Know where they’re located
    3. Identify who owns each document and establish deadlines for providing documents to you
    4. Know how many documents you have
    5. Determine if documents need to be updated and then migrated, archived or can be migrated as-is
    6. Determine how you want documents organized and classified, and how many levels deep the classification system needs to go
  3. Understand what metadata you want captured and how you want the information to be displayed
  4. Develop realistic schedule — and stick to it!
    1. Create timeline with achievable milestones and dates to check in on people’s progress and comfort level with the new system
    2. Set aside time for prepping and configuring new system
    3. Know that the more time you devote up front to organizing and migrating documents, the easier it’ll be later
    4. Make time for training

Not only will having each of these steps planned out get you up and running without unexpected delays, it will also greatly help the IT support team working to deploy the software, migrate your documents and train your users.

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