Policies and Procedures Management: Proactive vs Reactive

Your employee’s knowledge of company policies & procedures makes all the difference when it comes to compliance and industry regulations. Polices and procedures are intended to act as a reference guide for certain scenarios or situations. What happens when those scenarios actually take place and your employees don’t know what to do? Costly mistakes can be made and employee morale can be crushed, all at the expense of your company.

With the proper training, your employees can become proactive with their knowledge of company policies rather than reactive. That means no matter what situation they’re faced with, their company training will lead their decision-making process in the heat of the moment. No more educated guesses or costly mistakes; your employees will know what to do in any given situation BEFORE it takes place.

Referencing company policies and procedures to see what action should have been performed or what response should have been delivered after the event has already taken place will no longer be a common occurrence. ConvergePoint’s Policy Management Software can help you make the shift to a more proactive approach to company policies and procedures acknowledgement.

The entire polices and procedures management lifecycle is designed to provide your employees with the most relevant and important information so in turn they can make the best decisions for the company. The administrators, drafters, and even the end users all play a crucial role in your company’s commitment to compliance. That’s why each policy and procedure management portal is designed with tools and features that help create a more proactive approach.

Take your employee’s company policy knowledge one step further with ConvergePoint. Our policy acknowledgement portal allows you to create and implement a short quiz for your employees to ensure that they fully understood certain policies and procedures. As an administrator, our ad hoc reporting allows you to stay on top every policy, employee and most importantly, who still needs to review certain documents. Features such as the real time dashboard allows drafters to collaborate and work together in the creation of policies and procedures. In doing so, this allows top-notch, well-planned policies and procedures to be established for your company throughout the creation phase.

Put your mind at ease- verify your company’s commitment to compliance with ConvergePoint’s SharePoint policy management software. Take the proactive approach today and schedule a demo to learn more!

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