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Health and Safety Management Software on Microsoft SharePoint

With greater oversight from government regulators like OSHA, compliance and EHS managers are tasked to provide greater transparency on incidents and safety concerns in their organization. In the past, they’ve relied on emails and paper documents to track incidents and report on them, which created an unorganized and inconvenient process for regulators to monitor. Not only did their incident tracking and safety training suffer from a lack of a health and safety management system, but the organization was put a greater risk of failing to meet regulatory compliance.

ConvergePoint noticed their concerns, and developed its Health and Safety Management Software on Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 to serve as the backbone of an organization’s compliance and risk management programs. With the skyrocketing cost of workplace injuries and possible lawsuits, today’s organizations cannot afford to lack effective incident tracking and safety training processes. Our Health and Safety Management Software mitigates these risks from occurring by ensuring all certifications, permits and training are up-to-date across the board.

Automate your health and safety processes

With our Health and Safety Software, users can improve employees’ performance, reduce unnecessary risk and costs, eliminate paper-intensive documentation and keep their organization compliant with the latest regulations. Our solution’s innovative features simplifies employee training programs, reporting, and EHS compliance processes throughout the entire organization.

Our Health and Safety Management Software offers customizable forms and automated workflows for compliance managers.

Monitor the effectiveness of safety and training programs and identify areas of improvement.

Outline safety procedures in one centralized SharePoint library and deliver them to the right employees.

Where does your business benefit with health and safety management software?

Staying complaint with OSHA and the long list of other regulatory bodies is a constant process for Safety managers. Years of handling incidents and safety training using non-automated approaches, like paper documents and email, has left little room for error.

Our Health and Safety Management Software begins by empowering compliance managers with custom and automated workflows to track incidents. Customizable forms allow for specific information to be recorded and sent to the appropriate parties, an area where paper documents or spreadsheets falter. As the incident details move from responsible managers to investigators, recommended action plans can be easily created and shared throughout the entire organization. Once implemented, HR and compliance can rest easy. It’s that simple.

Our flexible platform creates a complete audit trail of every piece of information recorded. Injury lists, treatment options, unsafe acts and conditions, along with supporting documents

can all be recorded during the process. Instead of searching for evidence across numerous parties or departments, it can all rest in one location easy to access for all.

With all the parties involved during an incident, the lack of status updates or notifications can disrupt the flow of information and severely slow down the entire investigative process. Using automated email notifications and real-time dashboards communicates responsibilities to the appropriate parties while giving compliance managers valuable insights. Once the issue is resolved, they are able to create detailed ad-hoc reports to provide to regulators when the need arises.

Our support team here at ConvergePoint are experts in health and safety management, and can implemented our software solution in a matter of days or weeks, instead of drawn out months. Plus, our seamless migration and deployment make the entire implementation process a breeze for your organization.

Manage All Health and Safety Processes

  • Incident Tracking
  • Safety Policies Training
  • Injury Illness Record-keeping Forms (OSHA 300, 300 A, 301)
  • Permit Management
  • License Management
  • Real-time Dashboards
  • Reporting

Easily Track Incidents

  • Get real-time statuses
  • Keep records of incidents in one centralized location
  • Set renewal reminders for upcoming deadlines

Automate Training Renewals

  • Automatically reissue EHS training policies by establishing time frames for review, renewal and expiration
  • Store all documents in one secure depository
  • Set different levels of user access and permissions

Streamline Employee Training

  • Create and assign custom quizzes to employees to ensure their understanding
  • Request training acknowledgements from specific individuals, teams or departments
  • Alert managers and employees when training, permits or certifications are approaching deadline or overdue
  • Ensure employee acknowledgement to help prevent future infractions

Produce Audit Reports

  • Lower costs by being able to quickly search and access documentation
  • View employee training records, including version history and related discussions
  • See training records individually or as a whole to track the effectiveness of current processes, notice trends and patterns, and make adjustments needed

Improve Overall Performance

  • Consistently comply with latest industry standards and regulations
  • Encourage continuous individual improvement across your organization by ensuring all employees are aware of company procedures and properly trained
  • Reduce costs caused by poor performance or regulatory fines and citations
  • Empower employees to complete their jobs with the highest level of success

Proactively Manage Certifications

  • Automate the certification and record-keeping process
  • Allow managers to quickly see status of employee permits certifications and licenses
  • Set renewal reminders for expiring certifications and licenses

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We surpass our clients’ high expectations by delivering powerful compliance management software and solutions on Microsoft’s SharePoint and Office 365 platforms.

Industries served


Improve facility management, student health and safety, workforce and administration training, and related incidents.

Manufacturing and Retail Industry

Upgrade facility management and safety measures, diminish workforce injuries, and enhance employee training programs.


Adhere to federal regulations, administer employee training programs, and enhance hospital facility management.

Financial Services and Banking

Manage employee complaints and working conditions, injury reports, accidents, and improve compliance training programs.

Insurance and Employee Benefits

Increase training program effectiveness, reduce workplace injuries and complaints, and meet FTIC and SEC regulations.

Energy and Utilities

Abide by stringent government regulations, provide proper safety training programs, and mitigate workforce and onsite injuries.


Outline health and safety measures for drivers and pilots, abide by federal regulations, and communicate processes for hazardous materials (Hazmat).

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