Eliminate The Chaos Of Contract Requests With Better Contract Management

Who is in charge of what?

If you have children, you know that they are constantly coming at you with their requests. Can I have a cookie? Do I have to take a bath? Where are my shoes? Did you get the poster board I need for my project? Who’s driving me to soccer practice? It never ends. Organizing it all requires the battle skills of a 5-star general and the memory skills of the world’s greatest mentalist.

Frustration comes from unmet needs

If someone can’t get their needs met, they can get pretty cranky, no matter what age they are. Most parents don’t want their children getting frustrated because they forgot to do or get something their child requested. And if that need involved a school project or something important to the child, the frustration is even greater.

Similarly, the need to know that the requesting party (the child) has been heard and acknowledged by the person fulfilling the request (the parent) is important. So timely feedback is needed when a request takes more than a short time to be met, or the child will start to pester and annoy the parent until the request is met.

If you are the contract administrator in a large organization, you know that your workplace functions just like a family in some ways. People are constantly bringing requests to you to handle various aspects of the contract process. Can you start a new file for this project? Is there an update on this? Did the update get sent to everyone? Are there changes to the contract? Who is in charge of this?

How do you handle all of the incoming requests without losing your mind or dropping the ball? And how do you keep from having people asking you for the same thing over and over again? How do you give timely feedback when you are overwhelmed with requests?

Contract Management – Meeting the needs

ConvergePoint’s Contract Management software is built to handle large numbers of disparate requests and can easily and quickly organize it into a manageable workflow. The software runs on your SharePoint platform so it is easy for anyone in the company, regardless of their location, to enter a request directly into the system.

No more missed emails, miscommunicated face-to-face conversations, or poorly transcribed phone messages to muck things up. No more data entering for the contract management staff. And no more sorting through requests to eliminate duplicate requests from frustrated employees who ask every day for their information.

How it all works

The requesting person enters the request specifics directly in the system. The request goes into the queue. If it’s an urgent request, it can be marked urgent by the requester. The contract management administrator opens, reviews and assigns the request to the right person, who is instantly notified that there is a request pending in the system. Once the right person has been assigned, the requestor is notified about who is handling the request. Instant feedback!

The person assigned the incoming request can handle the request or respond back with questions, information or further direction, depending on the nature of the request. The requester can check the online Contract Management System at any time to see where their request is in the process.

Once the request is completed, the requester receives notification that the request has been handled and they can see the results simply by looking in the system.


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Contract Management White Paper

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Industries Served


Manage employee and teacher contracts, sponsorship deals, city and state regulations, and partnerships.


Manufacturing and Retail Industry

Manage supplier and vendor contracts, employee and staff contracts, distribution contracts, and facility leasing and ownership contracts.



Comply with HIPAA, HITECH, ICD 9, ICD 10, and FDR CFR regulations for contract management, and handle active directory contracts for your organization.


Financial Services and Banking

Comply with SEC, FDIC, FINRA, OCC, CFTC, and Federal Reserve regulations on contracts, handle employee contracts, and partnership deals.


Insurance and Employee Benefits

Create and manage employee contracts, improve organizational transparency, reduce risk factors, and mitigate lawsuits.


Energy and Utilities

Abide by local, regional, state and federal regulations, manage contractor information, develop third-party outsourced contracts, and handle facility agreements.



Comply with FAA, DOT, FMCSA, FRA and FTA regulations for contracts, outline contracts for drivers and vendors, and reduce potential risks.


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